“I had thought that capturing the art of real-time ultrasonography on the printed page would be impossible…Much of the credit should go to…Jon Coulter…[who has] been able to transform three dimensions into two in the numerous illustrations throughout the book.”

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Real-Time Ultrasound Imaging in the Abdomen

“The book is well-organized and well-illustrated, with superb schematic representations and color

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Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery
Endoscopic Sinus Surgery

“I fully recommend this [text] to all physicians who deal with the facial nerve…This book is well written, well illustrated, and well referenced.”

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The Facial Nerve.

“The authors have made use of…superb drawings…to illustrate the principles of these operative techniques.”

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Surgery of Cranial Base Tumors

“The Atlas of Pediatric Otolaryngology is the first of its kind. Overall, this atlas is well presented. The illustrations are of top quality.”

Max M. April, MD
Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery
Atlas of Pediatric Otolaryngology


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